Fund Manager

Portfolio Management

Thomas Winmill is President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Chief Legal Officer, and a Trustee or Director of Bexil Investment Trust, Foxby Corp., and Midas Series Trust (the “Fund Complex”). He is President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Legal Officer of Bexil Advisers LLC, Bexil Investment Trust’s investment manager, and Midas Management Corporation (registered investment advisers, collectively, the “Advisers”), Midas Securities Group, Inc. (a registered broker-dealer, the “Broker-Dealer”), Bexil (a holding company) (“Bexil”) and Winmill & Co. Incorporated (a holding company) (“Winco”). He is a Director of Global Self Storage, Inc. (a self storage REIT) (“SELF”). He is Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee of each of the Advisers (the “IPCs”), and he is a portfolio manager of Bexil Investment Trust, Foxby Corp., Midas Fund, and Midas Magic. He is a member of the New York State Bar and the SEC Rules Committee of the Investment Company Institute.

Bexil Advisers LLC

The Fund has retained Bexil Advisers LLC (the “Investment Manager”) pursuant to an investment management agreement. Under the terms of the investment management agreement, the Investment Manager receives a fee payable monthly for investment advisory services. The Fund reimburses the Investment Manager for providing at cost certain administrative services.  The Investment Manager is a subsidiary of Bexil Corporation. See Affiliates of the Investment Manager own approximately 12% of the Fund’s outstanding shares pursuant to the Fund’s governing documents that permit ownership of more than 4.99% of the Fund’s outstanding shares only with the prior approval of the Fund’s Board of Trustees.