The quarterly distribution reflects the Fund’s current distribution policy to provide shareholders with a relatively stable cash flow per share. There is no guarantee that the Fund’s current distribution policy will reduce or eliminate the Fund’s market price discount to its net asset value per share and the Fund’s trustees have no fiduciary duty to take action, or to consider taking any action, to narrow any such discount. The policy may be changed or discontinued without notice. The distributions are paid from net investment income and any net capital gains, with the balance representing return of capital. The Fund’s distributions are not tied to its net investment income and net realized capital gains and do not represent yield or investment return. The Fund is subject to U.S. corporate, tax, and securities laws. Under U.S. tax accounting rules, the amount of distributable net income is determined on an annual basis and is dependent during the fiscal year on the aggregate gains and losses realized by the Fund and, to a lesser extent, other factors. Therefore, the exact amount of distributable income can only be determined as of the end of the Fund’s fiscal year. Under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, however, the Fund is required to indicate the source of each distribution to shareholders. The Fund estimates that distributions for the period commencing January 1, including the distributions paid quarterly, will be comprised primarily from paid in capital and the balance from net investment income. This estimated distribution composition may vary from quarter to quarter because it may be materially impacted by future realized gains and losses on securities and other factors. In January, the Fund normally sends shareholders a Form 1099-DIV for the prior calendar year stating the amount and composition of distributions and providing information about their appropriate tax treatment.

2024 Quarterly Distribution Dates

Historical Distribution Summary (Per Share)